Adult Fall

Adult Fall Program Thursday Night

MSC Fall Dry land Technique Sessions

The Minneapolis Ski Club will be offering a fall dry land ski program on Thursday evenings from 9/7 to 11/9th.  Sessions will involve dry land technique for both skate and classic with strength and running included. Technique and the ability to perform it in dry land will help you be able to do it on snow.  Technical flaws that occur on snow are the same in dry land and we fix those if a fun learning environment.  Changing the brain pattern for where the body is supposed to be is our expertise.

The hows and whys are explained in a way where everyone learns the technique and why the change needs to happen and how it will happen.   Each aspect of skate, V1, V2 and V2 alternate will be worked on.  In classic, double pole, stride and kick double pole will all be worked on.  Technique will be on the hills around Hyland Lake and their will be repeats up and down the hill to work on the basics of both skate and classic.   Each session will have about 15 minutes or strength, 25 minutes or running and 50 minutes or ski technique on hills.  Athletes can test drive this for one session or sigh up for all 10 sessions for $225.   The group size is limited to 15 people so if your interested sign up.  In the event of a cold nasty rain, we cancel our make up date is the 3rd Thursday or November. Who knows there may be snow by then.   October 5th and November 9th will be sessions that include a stop at Poor Richards for those who would like to socialize.  This program is  the lead up to the winter program to ensure you have a great racing winter.  Olympic Ski Coach Kevin Brochman will be leading this session.


Wednesday Evening hill training for Adults and High School

Minneapolis Ski Club will be having Roller ski sessions at Riverside park located in Minneapolis beginning September 6th, on Wednesdays.  These sessions will be up and down the big hill under Franklin Bridge.  The sessions will include all aspects of skiing.  While many adults may just skate some will classic every other week.  The sessions will begin on Wednesdays September 6th and end on Wednesday November 1st.  We lose too much daylight to continue after that.  The total number of sessions is 9 and the cost is $185.

The sessions begin at 6PM and end at 7:30PM.  A typical session would be 3X hills no pole skate, 3x V2 skate and 3x v2, v2 and v2 alternate combined.  This session will have Olympian and Olympic Coach Kevin Brochman along will some guests helping out with technique and intervals for some fantastic training.  Last year Mora skate Champion Alice Flanders helped out with this program.  Sessions will begin with skate for those doing both and alternate to classic.  September 6th skate, 13th classic, 20th skate…Of if you just want to work on skate you can do that too.

This program help athletes win medals at last years State Meet along with Alice winning the Mora long skate race last year.  It can help you with strength on hills and the best technique you can possibly have.   Contact Kevin for more information