I have coached high school skiing for 30 years.  I wanted to give my 8th grade son who just started racing the experience of working with Kevin Brochman .  I have known Kevin for years as probably the best technical coach in the U.S.  My son had struggled with classic technique this winter and it sometimes is hard for a dad to give instruction to his son. My son met Kevin at Hyland Park Reserve for the first time.  Kevin worked with him individually on technique  using a variety of means to coach him.  His videotape analysis was amazing.  I met my son after two hours of working with Kevin.  He was so excited that he took me on a 5 km loop.  He looked like a completely different skier.  My son was so excited, that he now wants to classic ski rather than skate. My son said to me: “ dad I can’t believe how awesome it was to work with Kevin.” He knows so much and is able to explain and show technique in simple terms”.  As a coach myself, I have never seen a young skier pick up classic technique so quickly.  Thanks to Kevin, my son is so excited and he  can’t wait to perfect his technique even more.  I recommend Kevin to any skier who wants to become the best possible skier they can be.


John Dewall

Teacher/Coach  Hastings High School

This winter a friend of mine and I took a series of classical ski lessons with Kevin, and they were remarkable. I’m a retired male and was an average ability classical skier. I went into the lessons wanting to improve my technique. In the course of a typical lesson Kevin would demonstrate an aspect of technique, observe us skiing, and then provide feedback on how we did. This was often followed by skiing behind him as he demonstrated the technique. He did this with various dimensions of classical technique. He also videotaped us skiing and compared our techniques to elite skiers- This was an especially effective way to see what should be doing, relative to what we were actually doing.  He’d also send us e-messages in what was covered in the lesson, so we could work on in during the week.

In short, the lessons were both enjoyable and very informative. I learned not only about classical technique but also about equipment and the nuances of kick waxing. Kevin is not only a world class skier himself, but also a great teacher. In my experience, the two do not always go together.  I highly recommend his services. We are incredibly lucky to have someone like him available.

-Tony Pellegrini

Coaching with Kevin Brochman

My journey to becoming an elite runner began when I was in high school. I dabbled

in many sports throughout my high school career, but really focused on Nordic

skiing my junior and senior year of high school. I went on to ski at Northern

Michigan University on a cross country ski scholarship, where I was a 2-time All

American. This early success helped shaped my future, as I worked with great

coaches as a junior. These coaches helped me learn how to be an athlete and have

been a big part of my success as an elite ultra runner today.

One of the first coaches who helped shape me into the athlete I am today is Kevin

Brochman. I first started working with Kevin in the summer between my

sophomore and junior year of high school. That winter, as a sophomore, I decided to

try Nordic skiing for the first time. I was a successful runner, and had a good engine,

but knew nothing about Nordic skiing. I had some moderate success the first winter

I skied for Forest Lake High School, but it was really the first summer of dryland

training with Kevin Brochman where I made the most improvements.

Dryland training was hard. I was new to the sport and the technique wasn’t easy for

me to pick up immediately. I trained with Kevin three days a week: Monday,

Wednesday, and Friday. Each day was different and provided different training

stimuli to help me become a better athlete. Monday was always distance. We

rollerskied, worked on a few technique drills, then skied a big loop. It was a good

day to focus on endurance and to refine technique (which I needed). Wednesday

was interval day. We would meet at Afton and ski up the coulee, or do a time trial. It

was a hard day of ski intervals, but it made me fitter and stronger. I always had

butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of Wednesday’s workout. The silver lining?

There was an amazing ice cream shop in Afton that we could look forward to post-

workout. Friday, similar to Wednesday, was another hard interval day. But Friday

was on foot at Afton ski hill. Running was something I excelled at, so I really looked

forward to this day. We alwasys started with some strength near the parking lot:

dips, pushups, relays, ski drills, etc. Then we start running. We’d warm up and then

do things like mile repeats, or 800m hill repeats (I may still have the female record

for Campground hill?). It was a very hard day, but also rewarding. The thing I most

appreicataed about working with Kevin is that he taught us how to be good athletes.

It was important to include distance, intervals, and strength into an effective

training plan. We didn’t just ski easy everyday, nor did we go too hard each day.

There was a balance and method to the training we did each summer. I guess that’s

what happens when you have an ex-Olympian as your coach 

My senior year in high school I won the MN state Nordic ski meet in the classic

division. I can’t give Kevin enough credit for helping this become a reality for me.

Kevin always believed I could be a good skier, even when I was a lowly sophomore

flailing around on the trails. The support he gave me and belief that I could be a

good skier was really important in my development.

As an elite runner now, I still find myself thinking back to those training sessions

with Kevin as a junior. It’s so important to me now to be fortunate enough to have a

great coach growing up. I learned how to be an athlete, how to train my body

correctly, and how to race. I attribute a lot of my recent success now to my roots in

endurance sports as a high schooler. Thanks Kevin for believing in me!

-Stephanie Howe