Tuesday Morning Adults

This will begin program will begin at 6:45AM and last until 8:15AM. It will mostly be skate technique for adults with some intervals and sprints too. The goal is to get you ready to race but if you just want to learn the basics that is fine too. Olympic Coach Kevin Brochman will be leading this group. The group size is usually 5-8 people so lots of personal attention is given. Video taping is also part of the program as the days get longer and it gets closer to the races of your choice. The group meets right where you put your skis on. If the temperature is below -2 and the windchill is -15 we cancel. I send you a text the day before usually and if its close the day of. Usually in mid January we have 1-2 cancellations due to extreme cold. Athletes are also encouraged to try out Wednesday evening interval program if they feel the need for a little more discomfort.