Juniors Winter

Adults and Top High School Winter, Wednesday Advanced

Minneapolis Ski Club Wednesday night workouts.

Where: Hyland Visitor Center

Dates: December 6th -February 7th

Time: 6:30PM-8:00PM

Number of Sessions: 10

Cost: $235

Technique: Mixed skate/classic, skier’s choice

Description: This is for athletes who are top high school skiers who want to be All State and adults who are wave 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.  Technique and intervals will be the focus.  This if for skiers who want personal bests or older skiers who just to turn back the clock and ski like they were 10 years younger.  There will be a strength session, skiing with out poles, double pole and single pole.  Then some technique and then some sprints and intervals. This is a great session with lots of fun and laughs.  Sessions will begin when there is snow at Hyland, usually around Thursday the 6th but if the cold air comes earlier we will start earlier.  Approximate dates December 6th -February 7th. Ten sessions, we do cancel if the windchill is below -19 or the air temp is below 0 at 4:00PM.   If I cancel I will send you an email or you can text to confirm.  The goal for the people in this program is to ski hard, have fun and improve on both technique and fitness.  Most people do skate but some classic and the intervals are for both classic skiers get a bigger head start on the intervals.  All parts of technique are covered from v1, v2, v2 alternate, no pole, double pole, stride and kick double pole.  Coached by Olympic Coach and skier, Kevin Brochman. Contact Kevin for more information kevinjbrochman@gmail.com

Junior National Coaching

Detailed coaching schedule to be announced in June.

West Yellowstone Winter Camp

Detailed schedule to be announced in June.