Roll with MSC


Club History

MSC began as far back as 1926 with it being ski jumping only. Nordic-Cross Country developed a bit later and in 1992 the MSC-Brochman Summer Program began.

At first, the goal was to get athletes to make All-Conference and maybe qualify for the State Ski Meet. Soon, the results became very good and by 1998 there were 26 athletes competing at the Junior Nationals in McCall Idaho.

By 2002, we had the first and only high school skier qualify for the Olympics and have since helped a number of skiers qualify for the Olympics, World Junior Championships, Junior Nationals, and Wisconsin & Minnesota State Ski Meets.


In 2019 alone, 20 MSC athletes qualified for either the New Englan Ski Championships, Junior Nationals, or World Junior Championships. Our Club is one of the best in the country but we do it with a different philosophy; that is that athletes are encouraged to ski with their high school ski teams.

This year alone, 4 coaches have sent me wonderful emails complimenting the program on doing this. In the Girls race at the Minnesota State Ski Meet, there were 15 athletes in the top 48. In the boy's race, there were 9 and both Boys and Girls Champions were with our group training in Afton on Wednesday evenings.